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Current membership costs £31. There is a small discount for students, non-local members and over 60s.


There is a 50% reduction in the subscription fee for new members joining between the beginning of July and the end of September.


CMC Membership Forms will be emailed out by the membership secretary on request and on annual renewal.


It is usual for prospective members to pop into the The Old Windmill pub in Spon Street Coventry (CV1 3BA) on a Wednesday at 9:30pm and meet the club. Weekly social meet suspended due to Covid-19; contact the club via email or the web form.


If attending a first club meet as a non-member, the prospective member must have completed a membership form and after attending a meet may decide to pay for full membership. The CMC is affiliated to the BMC, therefore on meets, members and prospective members (with completed membership forms) are qualified for insurance cover against civil liability claims. We as a club also use the huts of other clubs affiliated to the BMC for some of our meets. In turn, our club hut in Southern Snowdonia is available to the members of other BMC affiliated clubs.


If you are a member of two or more BMC affiliated clubs you may apply for a refund from the BMC (click here)..