Mountaineering Club Coventry

Coventry Mountaineering Club - Mountaineering

Mountaineering, Hill Walking and Climbing Clubs are great ways of getting involved in the outdoors, regardless of your skills and experience.

Coventry Mountaineering Club is one of over 300 climbing, hill walking and mountaineering clubs affiliated to the BMC. Coventry Mountaineering Club takes part in all three activities, with occasional forays into such things as mountain biking, fell running and caving.

Coventry Moutaineering Clubs welcomes experienced and inexperienced climbers. Within the club there is a time honoured system of informal, hands-on instruction from the more experienced members, and it is a system that works well.

One of the great strengths of Coventry mountaineering club is that we are full of like minded individuals with a wide range of experience and involvement. The club is a great places to start planning trips abroad and to remote parts of Britain. There is often someone who has been to your planned destination, or who knows someone who has. Coventry Mountaineering Club is a great source of partners and information and, most importantly, enthusiasm. Clubs started off as social gatherings where climbers and walkers planned their weekend and holiday exploits, and that hasn't changed very much at all.